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Green Smoothie

'Empowering clients to live a healthy life with energy and purpose through nutritional coaching while building a healthy mindset.' 
Kristin Derrin


Meet Kristin

With over 15 years in the health and wellness industry and founding an Australian kids supplement company (June Superfoods), health and mindset have been the foundation of Kristin's success. With a background in psychology and nutritional consulting, Kristin empowers clients to take control of their health and mindset to increase energy and achieve physical and mental health. Kristin educates clients on healthy choices, creates simple meal plans, sets achievable goals, implements winning routines, and supports clients to find their innate greatness to live with purpose. Currently taking clients in person at The Sanctuary Tahoe and anywhere in the world on Zoom Consultations.



Weekly 50 Minute coaching sessions available on Zoom & in person at The Sanctuary Tahoe. Packages include whole family consult/updates & unlimited text. 


After a thorough initial consultation, together we implement clean food choices and set achievable goals for a healthy lifestyle. 


Once we clean up the diet, people feel great! There is more energy allowing for us to create healthy habits and routines to live a balanced & joyful life.


Through education around food choices in the grocery store to your favorite restaurant, combined with proven mindset strategies, I set you up for success!

Nutrition and Mindset Consulting

  • 30 min


'Behind The Label'

Kristin Derrin 

Do you love reading labels? Do you know what all those long names and numbers mean?  Maybe not, but guess what, I do! What if I told you by cleaning up your diet you increase your energy, lose weight all while creating a healthy foundation for optimal health and longevity!

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 7.38.46 PM.png

Recipes & Tips

By cleaning up the diet, learning new recipes and routines, clients naturally begin to make healthy choices. Once you start cleaning up your food choices, energy naturally increases and the choices get easier & easier....

Green Smoothie

University Student

“I absolutely love talking to Kristin about everything health and nutrition related! She is absolutely wonderful and is always there if I just need to chat. She has helped me adopt a healthier diet while I am at school and overall coached me into making better choices for my health. I cannot say enough good things!” 

Middle School Student

"Kristin is such an open-minded and beyond lovely person. I’ve been working with her for a few months and she has helped me so much with nutrition, my motivation, and more. She has such positive energy and is such an amazing person." 

University Student

Kristin is an amazing nutritionist and has helped me emotionally and physically.  I consider her to be my life coach. Her knowledge base is amazing.  Thanks to her help I finally feel comfortable about my self-image and my personality. 

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