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I am a Certified Nutritional Consultant with a focus on nutrition and mindset. I support and empower clients to live life fully with energy and purpose through nutritional education, winning routines, while building a healthy mindset. Enjoy the Journey.

My Story

In my early 20's I discovered the magic of a clean diet and poured my education into nutrition and mindset development. With a background in Psychology, I didn't align with the heavy use of drug therapy and focusing heavily on the past. 


The day I finished my first nutritional cleanse I felt better than I knew possible. With increased energy I was able to make things happen, the dreams and goals I focused on started coming to fruition, I looked better, felt better, and thought, 'I wonder how many people diagnosed with depression/anxiety would benefit from a simple cleanse? Or at least cleaning up their diet.' 


With my degree in psychology in hand, I pivoted into nutrition with an emphasis on mindset. Empowering people to take control of their thoughts and emotions through meditation, neurolinguistic programming, and rewiring habits with new routines. Nutrition and mindset synergistically work together.

In 2017, when I was 5 months pregnant with my second child, I founded and launched my Australian organic kid's supplement company, June Superfoods. (see image above). I saw a huge need for higher quality, whole food nutritional options for kids. I also authored 'Behind the Label' an empowering guide to shopping healthy in the grocery store. I feel it's important to keep nutrition simple, enjoy the moment, enjoy life, enjoy food and enjoy friends and family all while feeling empowered to make the correct choices.

Besides nutrition and mindset consulting, I have a beautiful family that inspires me daily to make a positive impact on this world. Both kids and my husband were born and raised in sunny Australia where we lived for 5 years. Recently moving back to the US, we are back in Lake Tahoe. From the beach to the mountains I feel so blessed to raise my family in such healthy and beautiful locations around the world. 

I look forward to connecting with you in person at The Sanctuary Tahoe, or on Zoom anywhere in the world. 

In Health, 

Kristin Derrin


Clean Food Choices

Health Education

Weight Loss / Cleanses

Increasing Energy

Healthy Mindset 

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